voZKF-the token with voting power

What is voZKF?

voZKF is the token with voting power. ZKFair is governaced by community, the voZKF is used to submitted proposals and vote for decisions.

The voZKF generated by staking ZKF serves as the governance token of ZKFair. The voZKF holders have the right to participate in the decentralized governance of ZKFair, including the election of Community Governance Representatives and the ultimate decision-making on major matters, alongside the entitlement to L2 Gas Fee sharing.

How to get voZKF?

Stake ZKF to get voZKF.

The mechanism of voZKF

To prevent large-scale stakers from monopolizing voting power, the voting power obtained by users will be distributed according to the following formula:

voZKF amount = {ZKF staked amount} * {Conversion rate}

  • Stake ZKF for 6 months, Conversion rate = 1

  • Stake ZKF for 12 months, Conversion rate = 2

  • Stake ZKF for 24 months, Conversion rate = 4

  • Stake ZKF for 48 months, Conversion rate = 8

How to use voZKF?

Submit Proposal in Snapshot

  • An address owned more than a certain number of ZKF is eligible for submitted a proposal to Snapshot.

Vote to a proposal

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