First L2 based on Polygon CDK

With the successful launch of ZKFair, it became the first zkEVM project built on Polygon CDK in the entire network. In the future, ZKFair will migrate DA from DAC(Data Availability Committee) to Celestia. This innovative technology not only marks a milestone in the blockchain field, but also brings a new user experience to users.

  1. Data expansion and gas costs are significantly reduced

ZKFair enables data scaling with Celestia’s modular Data Availability (DA), allowing users to significantly reduce gas costs for interacting with dApps within the ZKFair ecosystem. This technology integration not only increases the availability of the ZKFair, but also significantly reduces the cost for users to interact with distributed applications.

  1. Comparison of Celestia’s sublinear costs with Ethereum

Compared to Ethereum, Celestia's cost has a sub-linear relationship with gas price, making it more affordable than Ethereum's existing costs. This feature makes the ZKFair ecosystem more attractive, providing users with an efficient and economical blockchain experience.

  1. Cost comparison between EIP-4844 and Celestia

Although Ethereum plans to reduce gas costs through EIP-4844, even so, its costs will still be higher than Celestia. ZKFair provides users with a more cost-effective blockchain solution by integrating Celestia's advanced technology.

In this moment of change, the launch of ZKFair not only achieved a breakthrough at the technical level, but also created a more convenient and affordable blockchain environment for users and developers. With the strong alliance between Celestia and Polygon CDK, we believe that ZKFair will become one of the highlights of the future blockchain ecosystem, bringing a better experience to users.

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