L2 Gas Fee Sharing

ZKFair is the first and only L2 using stablecoin USDC as the gas fee token. Gas fees generated on ZKFair will be priced according to USDC.

After the ZKF token starts to circulate, apart from operating costs, L2 Gas Fee revenue is mainly used for incentivizing ZKF stakers and Ecosystem contributors:

ZKFair protocol will settle the revenue of L2 gas fee once a week. ZKFair operation cost includes L1 gas fee, DA cost, node operation cost, and the basic cost of partners (such as Oracle, explorer and other infrastructure providers). The remaining part is the profit, ZKFair protocol will automatically distribute 25% of the profit into the dapp developer (contract deployer) addresses, 75% of the profit into the reward contract, evenly divided into 7 days to release. ZKFair protocol will distribute this portion of the reward to ZKF stakers based on the percentage of ZKF Stake Points on that day.

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