Stake ZKF

Stake launch time: January 10, 2024

Gas fee profit distribution will commence from January 15, 2024.

Users can claim stake profit from 10:00:00 (UTC+8) January 15, 2024.

From January 8th, 2024, to January 14th, 2024, the total ZKFair gas fee revenue was 235,295.08 USDC, with a cost of 52,500 USDC, resulting in a profit of 182,795.08 USDC. 75% of this profit, which is 137,096.31 USDC, is allocated to ZKF stakers. From January 15th, 2024, to January 21st, 2024, a daily distribution of 19,585.19 USDC is made, with an additional 30,000 USDC provided as an official subsidy. This means a total daily dividend of 49,585.19 USDC.

Stake ZKF to share the profit of ZKFair L2 Gas Fee sharing. Become a key part of the ZKFair!

How to Stake ZKF

  • Connect to your wallet, you will see the balance of your ZKF.

  • Click ‘Stake’.

  • Select a stake period, with longer periods having higher weights, and each period has a APR. Stake points are determined by multiplying the staked ZKF amount by the weight of the staking period.

  • Click 'Stake' after input the amount of ZKF that you want to stake.

  • Stake infromations show in 'My Stake', and the details show in 'Stake List'.

Stake period

Users can stake ZKF for different period like 1d or 1month, the longer the staking period, the greater the staking weight, and the higher the returns.

Stake points

Stake points are determined by multiplying the staked ZKF amount by the weight of the staking period.

Stake points = Stake amount * Period weight.

The percentage of the stake points in the total pool determinds the profit sharing amount.

Profit claiming

Profits are settled every 24 hours, and users can claim their profits through the Stake page.


Q: Can I withdraw my staked ZKF any time?

A: No, you can only withdraw your staked ZKF when your stake period is over.

Q: If my staking period is over but I don't withdraw, can I still continue to receive profits?

A: Yes, even if your staking period has ended, as long as you haven't withdrawn, you can still receive rewards.

Q: Will my rewards disappear if I haven't claimed them and I withdraw my staked ZKF?

A: No, your unclaimed rewards will not disappear, whether you withdraw your staked ZKF or not.

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