A Fair ZK-L2

The first community ZK-L2 based on Polygon CDK and Celestia DA, championing fairness.

In today's Ethereum ZK-L2 landscape, unfairness prevails. These ZK-Rollup projects, devoid of token issuance, bask in the riches of user-generated transaction fees. Users engage incessantly, launching millions of transactions daily, expending their hard-earned funds in the form of substantial Gas fees, yet receiving no clear commitment to reciprocate their contributions. Controlled entirely by centralized teams, these ZK-Rollups exist as impenetrable fortresses, impervious to community influence in operations and management. Behind them lie the interests of investors, exchanges, and major institutions, leaving regular users with meager returns.

Hence, the call resounds for a fair-initiated ZK-L2—a platform driven entirely by the community's force, not a centralized entity profiting off user engagements. This ZK-Rollup may yield exceptional returns to users for their contributions, despite inherent risks. Today, that ZK-Rollup emerges: ZKFair. It stands as a beacon of fairness and empowerment, where equity prevails, inviting users to reclaim their due share in this innovative realm.

Fair Launch

Enter the realm of absolute equity: ZKFair heralds a 100% fair launch with 100% token airdrop, void of investors, reserves, or pre-mining tactics. Every ZKF token emerges from the crucible of impartial airdrops and equitable mining practices. 75% of the ZKF token lineage births from the crucible of Gas Fee Airdrop, embracing the 'first come, first served' ethos. The remaining 25% descends as a rain of tokens, showering the community with the promise of collective empowerment. In this symphony of fairness, ZKFair beckons all, inviting seekers of balance and integrity to partake in this unblemished genesis.

Community-Owned, Community-Driven

ZKFair, a 100% community-driven venture, charts an audacious path where mining culminates in absolute community governance. In the aftermath, Community Governors, democratically elected through community votes, shall helm the helm, steering ZKFair's destiny across the vast seas of possibilities. ZKFair team, the vanishing comet in this cosmic spectacle, swiftly recedes from the administrative helm of ZKFair, refraining from the market's sway and the siren call of business development endeavors. Behold, as ZKFair metamorphoses into a decentralized utopia, a testament to the power of communal orchestration within the blockchain universe.

Experimental Project

ZKFair emerges as the avant-garde trailblazer on Ethereum's landscape, boasting the pioneering fusion of Polygon CDK and Celestia DA within its ZK-Rollup framework. A daring, 100% experimental venture, ZKFair is the brainchild of a fervent community, fueled by the relentless pursuit of innovation. ZKFair team, a guiding beacon in the labyrinth of decentralized possibilities, lends a hand solely in navigating the deployment of Polygon's zkEVM for ZKFair. Remember, in this cosmic dance of bleeding-edge tech, ZKFair team orbits as a silent observer, devoid of liability in the exhilarating odyssey that is ZKFair's metamorphic journey.

Financial Risk

There maybe a financial risk associated with ZKFair. This is an exploration filled with uncertainties, where success and failure hang by a thread. Whether due to technical vulnerabilities, hacker attacks, or other unforeseen risks, you may incur a complete loss of your investment on ZKFair. Prior to your involvement, it is crucial to thoroughly consider and assess your ability to bear all potential risks. Proceed with caution and ensure adequate preparation for possible financial losses

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