ZKF Token

Welcome to the pulsating heart of ZKFair, where technological innovation meets the ethos of community-driven excellence. In this realm of blockchain marvels, ZKFair stands as the vanguard—a trailblazer among decentralized autonomous organizations. Here, the very fabric of fairness weaves a tale of radical equity: a 100% fair launch, devoid of investors, reserves, or pre-mining strategies. Witness the genesis of ZKF tokens, born from the purity of impartial airdrops practices. As 75% of ZKF tokens forge their path through Gas Fee Airdrop, the remaining 25% cascades as a boon upon the community. Embark on this journey where equity thrives, empowerment resonates, and the spirit of collective governance ignites the horizon. Welcome to ZKFair—where the future is sculpted by innovation, equity, and the relentless pulse of the community.

No Investors, No Reserve, No Pre-mining

  • Fair Launch: 100% ZKF tokens will be airdropped to the community after the mainnet launch.

  • Fair Reward: Upon ZKF token circulation, all L2 Gas Fee revenue will be returned to the community.

Distribution of ZKF Tokens (TBD)

The total supply of ZKF tokens is 10 billion, with 2.5 billion fairly airdropped to the community and the remaining 7.5 billion generated entirely through Gas Fee Airdrop after the mainnet launch. There will be no future issuance of ZKF tokens. All 10 billion ZKF tokens will become immediately available and enter circulation after the conclusion of the airdrop.

Total Supply: 10 billion.

  • Gas Fee Airdrop: 7.5 billion

  • Community Airdrop: 2.5 billion

1. Gas Fee Airdrop: 7.5 billion

At ZKFair, we prioritize fairness and equity in our Gas Fee Airdrop, ensuring an inclusive and transparent environment for all participants. The mechanism is designed to provide equal opportunities for users to acquire ZKF tokens.

Core Principles:

  1. Fairness at Its Core: Our Gas Fee Airdrop process is committed to providing equal opportunities for all users, ensuring a level playing field.

  2. Transparent Limits: The event has a clear cap of 3 million USDC in Gas Fees, maintaining fairness for all participants.

  3. "Embracing Fairness, equal opportunity for everyone": The Gas Fee Airdrop event opens on December 24 at 11 a.m. UTC+8, with 7.5 billion ZKF tokens available. Participation is open to all users without any barriers. Tokens will be distributed based on the proportional contribution of gas fees, promoting fairness.

  4. Equitable Distribution & refunds: The 7.5 billion ZKF token airdrop occurs in four phases, each lasting 12 hours. Tokens are distributed based on users' proportional gas fee contributions, ensuring fair distribution. The total Gas Fee remains at 3 million USDC, with excess fees refunded to users.

How It Works:

  • Total ZKF tokens: 7.5 billion.

  • Total Gas fees: 3 million USDC.

  • The event runs for 48 hours in four 12-hour phases. Each phase will have 1.875 billion tokens worth 750K USDC.

  • In each phase, tokens are distributed based on gas fee contributions of all users in this phase, and excess over 750K USDC gas fees will proportionally return to each user after the all phases conclude.


If $1 million is spent on gas fees in the first 12 hours, and a user, Alice, spent $10,000, she would receive 1% of the tokens. Alice would also receive a gas fee refund of $2,500.

Additional Information:

  • The official ZKFair team won't participate in the Gas Fee Airdrop.

  • The L2 Gas Fee funds collection address will be publicly disclosed.

2. Community Airdrop: 2.5 billion

ZKFair's Community Airdrop exemplifies our commitment to fostering inclusivity and rewarding community participation within our ecosystem. It's designed to distribute ZKF tokens fairly, ensuring that various contributors and loyal users receive their due rewards.

Airdrop Allocation:

  1. Users on Polygon zkEVM Chain: 800 million ZKF tokens are allocated to users on Polygon zkEVM. ZKFair is the first community ZK-Rollup based on Polygon ZK technology. Therefore, we decided to give a large percentage of the airdrops back to the Polygon community. We'll calculate contributions made between 20/10/2023 and 20/12/2023 on Polygon zkEVM. Users will receive ZKF tokens proportionate to their Gas Fee contributions during this period.

  2. Users on Other ZK-Rollup Chains: 200 million ZKF tokens are allocated to reward users who have contributed Gas Fees on various ZK-based L2s. We will calculate the total amount of gas spent by users on these four platforms including zkSync, Scroll, ZKSpace, and Linea between 20/10/2023 and 20/12/2023. Top 500K Users will receive ZKF tokens proportionate to their Gas Fee contributions during this period.

  3. Lumoz Loyalty Point Holders: 800 million tokens aim to incentivize and reward Lumoz loyalty point holders. The allocation for each address is determined by its proportionate loyalty points earned. Participants can check their loyalty points on our dedicated website: https://lumoz.org/leaderboard.

  4. Contributors: 200 million ZKF tokens are allocated to code contributors of ZKFair protocol.

  5. Ordinals Community: 500 million ZKF tokens are allocated to all ordinals token holders.

How It Works:

  • The airdropped ZKF tokens will be released simultaneously after the completion of ZKFair Gas Fee Airdrop.

  • Users need to swiftly claim their ZKF tokens upon the airdrop initiation. Tokens left unclaimed after 10 days will be automatically removed.

  • For Lumoz loyalty point holders, the allocation of airdropped tokens will be based on their earned loyalty points.

Join us in this endeavor to celebrate community involvement and fairness through the Fair Airdrop at ZKFair!

Claim your ZKF

  • ZKF claiming will be opened after 11:00(UTC+8) January 1, 2024. Go to claim

  • All ZKF airdrops, including Gas Fee Airdrop and Community Airdrop, will be open at the same time.

  • Users can claim all ZKF tokens in a single claim.

  • ZKF claiming will end after 11:00(UTC+8) January 11, 2024, The ZKF tokens unclaimed will be left in the contract forever.

Get your free USDC! (suspended)

All users can claim 0.1 USDC in ZKFair Discord's faucet channel after the mainnet launch. This amount will be swiftly transferred directly to your address on ZKFair chain.

The Utilization of ZKF token

Get the airdrop of other projects on Fair LaunchPad

Stake ZKF, you can get the airdrop token of other protocal fair launched on ZKFair.

Gas fee profit share

Stake ZKF, you can get a share of ZKFair gas fee profit. Refer to Gas fee profit share.

Decentralized Governance Mechanism (DAO)

Stake ZKF, you will get the voZKF token with voting power. The decentralized governance of the ZKFair protocol will be determined by community voting. Refer to Governance.

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