How to submit a proposal

Learn how to submit an ZKFair Improvement Proposal (ZIP) to the ZKFair DAO. Familiarity with DAOs, and Ethereum is expected. Otherwise, this how-to makes no assumptions about your experience with governance protocols.

Step 1: Submit proposal to forum

Submit your proposal to ZKFair forum.

Proposal structure

  • Abstract - Two or three sentences that summarize the ZIP.

  • Motivation - A statement on why the ZKFair community should implement the ZIP.

  • Rationale - An explanation of how the ZIP aligns with the ZKFair community's mission and guiding values.

  • Key Terms - Definitions of any terms within the proposal that are unique to the proposal, new to the ZKFair community, and/or industry-specific. This section is optional, but recommended.

  • Specifications - A detailed breakdown of the platforms and technologies that will be used. This is where you can elaborate on the "why" of your design decisions. You can also use this section to describe alternate designs that were considered and related work, e.g. how similar specifications have been successfully (or unsuccessfully) implemented in other chains or languages.

  • Steps to Implement - The steps to implement the ZIP, including associated costs, manpower, and other resources for each step where applicable. ZIPs that involve transactions with third parties (such as grants) will need to ensure that applicable legal documentation and procedures are also included.

  • Timeline - Relevant timing details, including but not limited to start date, milestones, and completion dates.

  • Overall Cost - The total cost to implement the ZIP. The overall cost section should include a breakdown of the total cost of the ZIP, including any associated costs for each step where applicable. Consider both fixed costs and recurring costs.

Sometimes, ZIPs aren't passed on the first try. If an ZIP is not passed, the proposer may resubmit the ZIP after addressing the concerns of the community. The proposer should include the following additional sections in the resubmitted ZIP:

  • A link to the previous ZIP - The link to the previous ZIP should be included in the resubmitted ZIP.

  • Reasons why the ZIP was not passed - The reasons why the ZIP was not passed should be included in the resubmitted ZIP.

  • Changes made to the ZIP - The changes made to the ZIP should be included to address the concerns raised during the previous ZIP submission.

  • Additional information - More detailed intentions, specifics and implication details can help the community understand the revised ZIP, increasing the chances of it being passed.

Step 2: Submit proposal to Snapshot

An address owned more than a certain number of voZKF is eligible for submitted a proposal to Snapshot.

Step 1: Go to ZKFair Snapshot

Step 2: Connect wallet and join

Step 3: Submit your proposal, if you don't have enough voZKF, refer to How to get voZKF.

Step 4: Wait for the voting result. If the proposal is passed, the proposal will be executed. If not, maybe you need to write a proposal more clear, and discuss it in the forum, then you can try to submitted it to Snapshot again, maybe it will be passed.

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