Community Owned L2, Where Fairness Regions.

No Investors, No Reserve, No Pre-mining

  • Fair Launch: 100% ZKF tokens will be airdropped to community immediately after the mainnet launch.

  • Fair Reward: 100% L2 Gas Fee profit will be returned to the community after the ZKF token Airdrop.

ZKFair is the first community ZK-L2 based on Polygon CDK and Celestia DA, powered by Lumoz, a ZK-RaaS provider. ZKFair utilizes stablecoin USDC as the gas token. ZKFair ensures 100% EVM compatibility, exceptional performance, minimal fees, and robust security.

In today's Ethereum ecosystem, ZK-Rollup technology is gaining traction as a vital solution for scalability enhancement and reducing transaction costs. However, the majority of ZK-Rollup projects share a common issue: unfairness. These projects, despite not issuing tokens, lucratively profit from users' transaction fees. Users engage frequently on these platforms, paying substantial Gas fees for each transaction, yet receiving no substantial commitment to reciprocal rewards. Furthermore, these ZK-Rollup projects are entirely controlled by centralized teams, leaving the community unable to partake in operations and governance, thus denying regular users their rightful benefits.

Hence, there's an urgent need for a new kind of ZK-Rollup project, one entirely driven by the community, centered on principles of fairness and transparency, while delivering returns to users and enabling decentralized governance. This project may give users substantial returns while honestly acknowledging potential risks. Enter ZKFair. ZKFair aims to be a ZK-Rollup platform brimming with fairness and innovation, returning rightful benefits to users and reshaping the fairness and community involvement within the entire ZK-Rollup ecosystem.

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