Atomic cross-rollup communication

ZKFair will be upgrading NCRC 2.0 in the future to allow users on ZKFair to call dapps on Ethereum directly!


In the field of blockchain, achieving interoperability has always been a long-standing challenge. The NCRC (Native Cross Rollup Communication) protocol developed by Lumoz has been committed to solving this problem, and NCRC 2.0 is the latest milestone of the protocol. Compared with NCRC 1.0, NCRC 2.0 has been comprehensively upgraded in many aspects, providing users and developers with more extensive and powerful functions. The release of this version marks a significant progress in the trustless Rollup interoperability solution.

More powerful features

The original version of the cross-chain protocol focuses on asset cross-chain between the first and second layer networks, but does not support free cross-chain between various second layer networks. Although the NCRC 1.0 version of the cross-chain protocol has successfully solved the problem of asset cross-chain between various second layer networks, achieving a complete asset cross-Rollup solution and achieving significant technical success, there is still a challenge, that is, it does not support contract call cross-chain between various layer networks, which limits some usage scenarios.The new NCRC 2.0 protocol not only optimizes the cross-chain asset based on the original 1.0 version, but also introduces a contract method that supports callback target addresses, allowing our users to unleash their creativity in a wider range of application scenarios. This improvement not only expands the cross-chain functionality, but also enhances the flexibility of the protocol, further promoting the development of blockchain technology.

More extensive cross-contract invocation

Compared with NCRC 1.0, NCRC 2.0 is not only an upgraded version of asset cross-chain efficiency, but also introduces new features: by introducing a contract method that supports callback target addresses, cross-contract calls between various second-layer networks are realized. This means that users can call contracts on different Rollup networks and apply them to various complex scenarios, thus achieving wider interoperability. This innovation further expands the usage scenarios of blockchain applications and creates more possibilities for more complex Dapp application ecosystems.NCRC2.0 implements atomic cross-Rollup contract calls. This means:

  • Rollup can call any L1's existing contracts.

  • L1 can call Rollup's contract.

  • Rollup A can call Rollup B's contract.

For example, users can call AAVE on any chain! That is to say, users can deposit on L1 and borrow on L2! The reverse is also possible.

Unaware operating experience

The introduction of NCRC 2.0 is not only a technological breakthrough, but also a major leap in User Experience. In the second-layer network, users are almost unaware of the existence of the first-layer network, even when performing contract operations and asset calls. This provides users with a more intuitive and convenient operation experience, greatly reducing the threshold for use.

Asset concentration, increased utilization rate

Through NCRC 2.0, users can fully experience various rich applications in the second-layer network without worrying about asset decentralization. This design effectively prevents possible risks while ensuring asset utilization, providing users with a more secure and reliable blockchain application environment.

Enhance User Experience

The upgrade of NCRC 2.0 is not only a technological advancement, but also an improvement in User Experience. By introducing more interoperable solutions, we strive to provide users with more convenient and powerful asset management tools, making blockchain technology closer to the lives of ordinary users. This series of improvements aims to make it easier for users to use blockchain services and promote the integration of blockchain technology into daily life.


The release of NCRC 2.0 marks a huge breakthrough for Lumoz in the trustless Rollup interoperability solution, providing users with more choices and a wider range of application scenarios. We are confident in this upgrade and look forward to users experiencing safer, more flexible, and more powerful digital asset management through NCRC 2.0. Let's welcome the new chapter of blockchain technology development together!

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